Hailing from the city of fountains and barbecue, I call Kansas City my home. Inspired by the diverse energy of this city, I infuse a touch of Midwestern warmth into every project I undertake.

With a keen eye for aesthetics, I specialize in creating visually compelling designs. Whether it’s a sleek logo, an eye-catching social media graphic, or a full branding package, I’m here to transform your ideas into stunning visuals.

I believe in working closely with clients to understand their vision, goals, and unique identity. Your input is not just valuable—it’s indispensable. Together, we’ll embark on a creative journey to make your design dreams a reality.
Outside the design realm, you might find me exploring the local art scene, attending creative meetups, or simply soaking in the diverse cultural experiences Kansas City has to offer. I believe that a well-rounded life feeds into the richness of design inspiration.

Whether you’re a small business looking for a unique identity or an established business aiming for a design refresh, I’m here to turn your design aspirations into captivating visuals!
Attending design school was an exciting journey that equipped me with essential skills and a unique design perspective. From foundational courses such as typography, digital illustration, and layout to collaborative studio projects, the experience challenged and nurtured my creativity.

Critiques and feedback sessions were crucial for growth, refining my ability to convey messages visually. Internships bridged the gap between academia and the industry, providing practical insights.

Portfolio development was ongoing, evolving with each project and showcasing my progression. Networking opportunities and guest lectures broadened my understanding of the field. Culminating in a major project, graduation marked the transition to the professional world with a well-rounded education and a passion for impactful visual storytelling.

Graduating from design school marked the beginning of a new chapter. Armed with a diverse skill set, a well-crafted portfolio, and a network of industry connections, I entered the professional world of design with confidence. The challenges I faced in design school became stepping stones, preparing me for the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of the design industry. Overall, the experience was transformative, shaping not only my career but also my approach to creativity and problem-solving.
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